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Chupa Chupa VR is a classic stealth licking game that has you licking recorders, drinks, and other things in a familiar classroom, all while trying not to get caught by the girls.


このゲームはOculus Quest、Oculus Quest2用のVRゲームです。


This game is a VR game for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

Please note that this game is not guaranteed to work on other devices.


◆お仕置き(もしくはご褒美) / Punishment (Or Perhaps a Reward)

If a girl catches you licking things, the game will end, and a very tough punishment will await you.

◆安心安全のタイムリープ携帯 / A Safe and Reliable Time Skip Cell Phone


Even if you end up in the worst (or best) outcome after getting caught by a girl, you can start over from the beginning as many times as you like with the attached cell phone, so you can enjoy yourself until you are satisfied.
Also, rest assured that your high scores and licking experiences will be carried over between each game.

◆夢のアイテム / Dream Items


In addition to things that lickers consider must-lick items such as recorders, drinks, bathing suits, and toothbrushes, there are also dream items like a watch that stops time and medicine that makes you invisible.

◆保健室 / Nurse's Office


The nurse's office is where you can set the language and volume settings, but you can also change girls to boys, dress them up, and observe them in many different ways.


対応言語(Supported languages)

日本語, English, Français, Deutsch, Português (Brasil), Polski (język), 中国语(简体字),中國語(繁體字), 한국

公式サイト(Official website)


Oculus Quest及びQuest2にSideQuestからアプリをインストールして使う方法

(How to install and use the SideQuest app on Oculus Quest and Quest2)




This game is the same content below, which is available on Steam, but


The following two pieces of DLC are also included.


However, it has been adjusted to match Quest's performance, which makes it look slightly worse than the Steam version.


Buy Now$11.11 USD or more

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The best part is when she catch you licking things and you don't stop. Great game!